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Don’t Hold It In, Sis: Meet the Breathwork Specialist Helping Black Women Heal One Breath At A Time

I am a firm believer that there is no healing in holding it in. Whatever it may be. On this stop of the tour, Lydia T. Blanco joins Jasmine Marie, Founder of Adulting With Ease and Black Girls Breathing, in Atlanta.

black girls breathing™ was created with the intention to provide a safe space for black womxn to unfold and pour into themselves, as one cannot heal where they are not seen. Fostering a community of like-minded and like-spirited black sisterhood committed to their healing and expansion via meditational breathwork.

Jasmine Marie, Founder of black girls breathing™ (Photo Credit: Gerald K. Carter)

While center stage, Jasmine Marie shares her journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship and her calling as a breathwork specialist as a black woman who is passionate about building community and healing spaces for black women. 

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